Epoxy Floor Coatings for the Win

If you’ve been considering installing epoxy flooring in your garage, this post is for you. There are definite advantages, and very few disadvantages. When you’re picking any style of garage flooring, you need to know the facts. Continue reading to learn more.


Epoxy flooring from Monkey Bars is an easy solution to a cracked and damaged concrete floor. Before any colored chips are placed, a coating is used to fill cracks, seams and more. This coating proves useful in making your floors look brand new. There is nothing worse than dirty, cracked garage floors. Epoxy flooring in Northwest Arkansas helps create a finished garage from the ground up.


We provide services that DIY epoxy flooring doesn’t offer. We use diamond grinding which makes the floor extra smooth and sealed. Worried about installing the flooring yourself? No worries. We have trained professionals come in and install your epoxy flooring in Northwest Arkansas. This helps in making your floor look professionally and seamlessly done. Clean-up is as easy as a rag and some cleaner. The only real disadvantage is that you can’t use a pressure sprayer to clear out leaves and gunk. This can weaken the coating and leave you with a damaged floor.


Do you live in a warm climate? No need to worry about your flooring discoloring when you leave the garage open. Our epoxy flooring in Northwest Arkansas is UV stable, meaning it won’t fade, crack or get ruined because of sunlight.


Epoxy flooring in Northwest Arkansas is chemical resistant when installing with us. There are a lot of chemicals and harmful things that can ruin any good floor. Our floors are top of the line because they resist chemicals, making for easy cleanup. No more wondering what happened on your garage floor when a giant immovable stain appears. Your floors can be kept as beautiful as they day they were installed.


No matter what kind of organization you garage needs, start from the ground up. To get more ideas on great flooring, click here.